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The Flowers I Used For My Wedding

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Welcome! I'm a floral designer based in Los Angeles sharing my love of flowers, the garden, home, and traveling. I'm so glad you're here. 

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A Florist’s Wedding Flowers

We are approaching almost a year of marriage and I have to admit we are so long overdo for sharing about our wedding day. We had the most special, joy filled day last July and our photos by Amy Golding will be something we treasure for a lifetime.

A lot of people over the years have asked me what I was going to do for my wedding flowers. “Would you do your own wedding flowers?” “What does a florist pick for her wedding flowers?” “What’s your favorite flower for weddings?” I’ve heard all of theses questions hundreds of times and I never quite knew the answer to them. It wasn’t until after we got engaged and started planning that I really thought about my own wedding flowers.

I took a few weeks to think about it and came to the conclusion that I just wanted it to feel like a garden on top of the mountain. That’s it. I knew how I wanted it to feel and what colors I wanted, but that’s it! Those are all the constraints I put around the design.

Except…I wanted honeysuckle in my bouquet. We had honeysuckle vines lining our fences in Texas and I have such sweet memories of that backyard. It shaped me in a lot of ways, so I wanted to honor those memories and the garden our parents created for us.

My friends at Alexandra Farms helped me get some of my favorite roses from their farm in Columbia. I have visited there a few times and I knew I wanted their roses to be apart of the day. I also chose very hardy stems. We got married in July in Malibu, and to be honest we weren’t too concerned about the heat, until we were. It was SO hot up there for the ceremony. All of these stems did great due to their seasonality. That’s my biggest piece of advice–choose stems that are in season!

Okay, here we go! Here’s what I sourced for our wedding flowers.

My Wedding Flowers

  • Symbol Rose (Alexandra Farms)
  • Beatrice Rose (Alexandra Farms)
  • Caramel Antique Rose (Alexandra Farms)
  • Princess Miyuki Rose (Alexandra Farms)
  • Blanche Spray Rose (Alexandra Farms)
  • Toffee Rose
  • White Quartz Dahlias
  • Cafe Au Lait Dahlias
  • White Scabiosa
  • Yellow Ranunculus
  • White Ranunculus
  • Rust Butterfly Ranunculus
  • Blush Lisianthus
  • Brown Lisianthus
  • Golden Zinnias
  • Apricot Zinnias
  • Echinacea Pods
  • White Delphinium
  • Orlaya
  • White Cosmos
  • PG Hydrangea
  • Lace cap Hydrangea
  • Blueberry Foliage

The hard goods we used

Silk Ribbon Personalized Flower Girl Baskets White Compote Vase Bronze Tea Light Holders Tan Compote Vase Velvet Ribbon

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After almost 12  years working with flowers, I can honestly say, I'm still not over them. This career has been the happiest accident of my life and I can't imagine  a life without flowers. What started out as hobby became my dream career. It has taken me all over the world, introduced me to new people and to new cultures, challenged me, and has given me the opportunity to be a fly on the wall to the most beautiful celebrations of love. It has been a joy.   

This space is meant to share my work, but also a bit of my life. I've learned over the years that flowers make  their way into so much of what I do, in work and life,  so I'll be sharing that here! For a bit of floral inspiration or where we've traveled (what garden should we head to next?), head over to the blog. To work together (the sky's the limit), click below.  Thanks for being here. 

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